Ensuring Compliance From the Start

At Voxtur Appraisal Services, we understand and respect the role that regulatory compliance plays in the valuation process. That’s why we’ve integrated compliance into everything we do, ensuring that our valuations exceed our client’s compliance requirements. Whether it’s a traditional appraisal or a proprietary solution, we proactively design compliance into every step. What it means as an industry leader is that we build processes that ensure our clients never have to worry about a compliance audit again.


Voxtur Appraisal Services is a licensed Appraisal Management Company (AMC) licensed in all required US States and Territories.

State License Number
Alabama AL0009
Alaska 146333
Arizona 40004
Arkansas AMR-019
California 1305
Colorado AMC.200000208
Connecticut AMC.0000035
Delaware X7-0000150
District of Columbia AMC2021906
Florida MC154
Georgia 8
Hawaii AMC-1216
Idaho AMC-4438
Illinois 558.00334
Indiana AMC1100073
Iowa 00033
Kansas KS006
Kentucky 11
Louisiana AMC.40
Maine AMC3873
Maryland 31460
Massachusetts 11
Michigan 1202000067
Minnesota 20630849
Mississippi AMC-038
Missouri 2013033003
Montana REA-AMC-LIC-6251
Nebraska NE2012011
Nevada AMC.0000018
New Hampshire AMC-31
New Jersey 42AC00001800
New Mexico AMC1009
New York AMC-19-0194
North Carolina NC-1035
North Dakota AMC-ND-2018-048
Ohio AMC.2019001318
Oklahoma 60066AMC
Oregon AM015
Pennsylvania AMC000012
Rhode Island REA.0060-AMC
South Carolina 52
South Dakota AMC-SD-1182-2023
Tennessee 85
Texas TX2000086
Utah 7360610-AMC0
Vermont 077.0068744-MAIN
Virginia 4009000063
Washington 3000016
West Virginia WV010034
Wisconsin 40-900
Wyoming AMC – 68